Material strength + procurement strength + discerning eye (knowledge)
Product strength.

We keep an eye on trends both domestically and internationally,
and procure and propose various raw materials focusing on organic ones.

Not only for human supplements and general food ingredients,
but also for pet food (supplements) such as goat milk that is gentle on the body.

We can procure raw materials for all shapes of supplements from small production lots for OEM manufacturing. Additionally, we can manufacture and import organic JAS products for your company not only domestically but also overseas.

We can also OEM manufacture pet supplements, which are expanding in the market, at specialized partner factories. Please feel free to consult with us about any plans that other companies have rejected, such as raw material procurement.

If you want to add rare organic oils or other ingredients to your cosmetic formulations, please contact us. We will source them from overseas for your company.

About What Naturallink Can Do:

1 We provide comprehensive support from sourcing raw materials to formulation design, procurement of container materials, manufacturing arrangement, and export or wholesale support for finished products.

We support you from the initial planning stage to the product's market launch. Feel free to consult with us about renewing existing products (wholesale support varies depending on the product).

2 We offer support for product design strategy and the creation of advertising expressions such as flyers, landing pages, and packaging.

It's important to consider the exit strategy (sales channels, appeal points, etc.) first and then create products that customers want but are in short supply, rather than thinking about how to sell a product after it's created.

3 We procure unique and rare organic ingredients (for food, cosmetics, etc.).

We can source organic ingredients used not only in supplements but also in general food products, pet food, and cosmetics. We are constantly gathering information from around the world and updating our inventory accordingly.

4 We manufacture pet supplements according to customer requirements with a natural specification that minimizes the use of excipients and additives.

We have extensive experience in handling powder products such as goats milk, and we can accommodate small-scale production.
We are committed to using raw materials in our possession that do not contain pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics, or hormone agents.

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