TOP ingredients Goat whole milk powder


Goat whole milk powder

  • Nutrient rich
  • Stamina up

Very popular with dogs.
Goat whole milk powder with low allergy risk and good texture

Goats are raised attentively and the use of hormonal agents or antibiotics in their feed is strictly forbidden, resulting in the purest milk with fully natural flavors. This milk powder is mainly used for infant formula in Western countries and is popular not only for humans but also for pet consumption due to its safety and quality. With small fat globules and good digestibility, goat milk poses a lower risk of allergies compared to cow milk, thus allergy labeling is not required.


How to use As an ingredient in pet food for dogs, pet supplements and snacks.
It is also ideal as an ingredient in snacks for infants and powdered milk for adults.
Example of labeling on food Goat whole milk powder
Country of origin Netherlands
Internal capacity 25㎏
Packing 25㎏ per bag
Expiration date 547 days from manufacturing date
Preservation method At normal(room) temperature