TOP ingredients Goat skim milk powder


Goat skim milk powder

  • Bone/joint strengthening

Very popular with dogs.
Goat whole milk powder with low allergy risk and good texture

Made in the Netherlands, it is Europe's largest specialized goat milk manufacturer, and its quality is guaranteed through strict government inspections. No antibiotics or growth hormones are used to raise the goats. Organic goat milk that does not use pesticides or insecticides. Manufactured using pasteurization, the flavor is not compromised. 100% goat milk with no preservatives added or adjustments, skimmed milk powder type. Contains approximately 38% protein.


How to use As an ingredient in pet food for dogs, pet supplements and snacks.
It is also ideal as an ingredient in snacks for infants and powdered milk for adults.
Example of labeling on food Goat skim milk powder
Country of origin Netherlands
Internal capacity 25㎏
Packing 25㎏ per bag
Expiration date 547 days from manufacturing date
Preservation method At normal(room) temperature