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As the population in Japan decreases, the number of pet owners is increasing. However, most conventional pet foods are imported from overseas and contain various additives for quality maintenance. Additionally, with pets aging and living longer, preventative measures against lifestyle diseases, just like those for humans, become necessary. The demand for pet supplements is expected to continue growing. Please feel free to reach out to us when launching your company's brand.

The reason why Naturalink is chosen for a pet supplement OEM

Similar to humans, the health-conscious trend among pet owners is growing each year, with more owners paying attention to the ingredients in pet foods and treats. Leave the natural and organic supplements to us.

reason 1 Years of experience in pet supplement development

We have experience developing products for major pet food-related companies as well as customers who have achieved top rankings in Amazon's categories, understanding the trends and features of popular pet supplements. We also have a track record in developing shampoos for dogs.

reason 2 Cost-effective manufacturing through partner factories

The choice of factories for manufacturing varies depending on the dosage form and processing method, but we can produce small lots in specialized factories that have obtained permits for the manufacture of pet feed.

Main Dosage Forms Features and Minimum Lots

*The table below is just a guide, and production lots may vary depending on the product content. Please contact us for details.

Dosage form
Minimum lot (estimate)


30,000 tablets or more

60,000 tablets~

Hard Capsule

30,000 capsules or more

50,000 capsules~

Powder (Granules)

Pouches (from 200 pouches), Sticks/Three-side sealed bags (from 15,000 bags)


Jelly (Gel)

Mixed bulk ingredients from 150kg

1000 sachets(1 badge 50kg or more)


From 1000 bottles

1,000 bottles~

Oral Care

From 1000 units

3000 units~

Flow of OEM Product Development

  1. Inquiries should be made primarily through the inquiry email form.

  2. We will first listen to the customer's needs and ideas. Please feel free to consult us about any concerns or questions you may have. In addition to face-to-face meetings, we also accept meetings via Skype or phone for customers located remotely.

  3. Based on the customer's concept, distribution channels, and budget, we will provide advice and proposals ranging from ingredient selection to formulation design, packaging, and sales methods.

  4. Once the product planning is finalized through aligning with the customer's requests, opinions, and proposed content, we will provide an approximate quotation.

  5. Upon approval of the approximate quotation, we will proceed with prototyping in small lots. After the prototypes are produced, we will conduct monitoring, verification, and evaluation. If there are any issues or areas for improvement, we will make adjustments accordingly. ※Prototype costs will be invoiced separately ※The lead time for prototype production is approximately 3 to 4 weeks. After you are satisfied with the prototypes, we will formally enter into production upon receipt of the official purchase order.

  6. Once you are satisfied with the prototype, we will officially begin production after receiving your purchase order. The delivery time varies depending on the dosage form, quantity, and the level of demand at the time of ordering, but the approximate delivery time is 2 to 2.5 months. At the same time, we will be working on producing labels and packaging. We can also undertake the creation and checking of design data for you. Each lot of finished products is inspected based on established quality standards.

  7. When creating promotional materials such as product flyers, pamphlets, and LPs, if it is difficult to design them in-house, we may introduce you to a designer. At the same time, we also provide advice on advertising expressions.

  8. We will deliver to your designated delivery location.

Examples of Product Development

Dog Intestinal Health Supplement with Goat Milk

Manufactured with a blend of goat milk as the main ingredient and probiotics, totaling approximately 330 pouches.

100% Goat Milk/Goat Whey Protein Blend in Pouches

Filled into pouches ranging from 150 to 500 units, labeled on both sides.

Supplement Gel for Dogs and Cats

Formulated mainly with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, excluding synthetic additives and focusing on natural ingredients as much as possible.

Regulations related to pet food (supplements)

■Pet food safety law

The "Act on Ensuring the Safety of Animal Feed for Animals" (Pet Food Safety Act) was enacted on June 18, 2008 as a law jointly administered by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and came into effect on June 1, 2009. (It became mandatory in December 2010).
The law applies to pet food for dogs and cats (feed for animals other than dogs and cats is not covered).
In addition, pet food importers or manufacturers are required to submit notifications, and factories that undertake OEM contract manufacturing must be in the pet food manufacturing industry.
Just like with human health foods, it is a violation of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Act to include pharmaceutical ingredients in a product or to suggest efficacy or efficacy as if it were a drug or medical device without permission.

*Guidelines regarding pharmaceutical expressions in pet food

*Fair competition regulations regarding pet food labeling